Speed Boost

Speed Optimization for WordPress

Comparatively, WordPress speed optimization far outweighs that of an image rich, pretty looking website. Truthfully, we’ve all clicked back on a website whose images and content took forever and a day to load. Well, let your new WordPress site not become a statistic in that regard. While, their are tools and suggestions available to improve you site speed, there are quick wins that can be implemented for immediate results. In reality, the speeding up of your webpages involves a thorough SEO strategic process, which if you follow through, will leave your competitors in your rear view mirror where they should be.

Firstly, site speed optimization is a ranking factor. In line with Google’s guidelines on Core Web Vitals, UX (User Experience) is of utmost importance. How a website User interacts with your website content, and whether they find it helpful and enjoyable, cannot be ignored. We all hate waiting on email replies, post in the mail, queuing for a coffee and so on. How much more for your site Visitors. They want answers to their questions and solutions immediately. So, lets get your new WordPress site speed optimized and ready for increased web traffic. In essence, when you choose a web design company, you should investigate their holistic approach to optimization especially for speed.

Fast Site equals Happy Site Visitor

Wordpress Plugins to speed up your WordPress site

In as much as images are great for your site, it is the biggest culprit for slowing your site down. To clarify, rich, colourful images that you feel brighten up your webpage, is like dead weight. If not optimized for speed, it can suck the life force of your website like the gravity does in a black hole. A plugin like smush can help with making your images load lightning fast. Although, it is hard to find a plugin that can deal with ALL speed optimization issues, many solve enough problems. Notably, we use WordPress speed plugins that are both streamlined and efficient at serving up your site details to a User visiting your website.

Make room for performance

It is important to realize, that your site speed optimization strategy should be up there on your priority list. In fact, it goes hand in hand with your search engine optimization strategy. Moreover, speeding your webpages up is first and foremost to bless your site Visitors with a phenomenal user experience. With this in mind, when you’re searching for WordPress website development services. A point often overlooked, is that many a website design company in South Africa does not offer speed optimization strategies.

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