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Wordpress Website Designs

Breakthrough WordPress Website Development

Boost your brand and get new Customers with our smart WordPress web design that works and gets results. Be known in your industry. We partner with you to create content and keyword rich websites, that is both mobile-friendly and optimized for speed. From content creation, SEO and all-round beautiful designing techniques we gear up to boost your brand and get traffic to your new website.

Higher rankings for SEO WordPress sites

It is known, that WordPress is a superb Content Management System (CMS). To clarify, it is a workable option for great SEO web development efforts. There is so much that can be done with and through the WordPress website platform. The vast array of plugins, widgets and themes makes this system a great tool in the hands of a web designer. Through determination and technical skill greater SEO WordPress website rankings can be enjoyed through your new WordPress website design project.

Build great content using WordPress

Your site should provide the best and most refreshing content in your industry. Moreover, your website should be the go to place where Users go to find answers. Your redesigned or new WordPress site is built to handle and showcase your great content. We have the recipe to help you. Finally, implementing a decent responsive web design and SEO investment, would increase your brand visibility tremendously. In essence, as a WordPress web design Cape Town Agency we work hard and smart to help local businesses reach their potential digitally. Not forgetting, we also provide service to local Clients in Johannesburg and Durban as well as other cities in South Africa and abroad.

Mobile Friendly

Provide your site Visitors with a unique and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, we make sure your website loads quickly. Therefore, your mobile friendly website must have stellar content and must be flawless.

WordPress Plugins

Keep a finger on the pulse of your website and SEO efforts. Data analysis is a powerful tool to use for all your search engine optimization goals. In summary, we guide you through the data maze to your success.

Theme Installation

Considering, theme installations are relatively straightforward for any web designer. However, we optimize the theme to fit the goals of your business.

Theme Configuration

We configure your WordPress theme to suit your brand and webpage design. Theme flexibility is the foundation of all our customization exercises.

Google Analytics

Keep a finger on the pulse of your website and SEO efforts. Data analysis is a powerful tool for all your search engine optimization goals. In summary, we guide you through the data maze.

Content Creation

Firstly, stellar content forms part of the foundation of your SEO success. Secondly, website Visitors are drawn to content that is helpful and refreshing. We help you create a winning content strategy.

Site Structure

Your site’s structure must be meticulously planned, in order to reach maximum search engine optimization ROI. It assists your Users in navigating your website. They need to move from one webpage to another webpage. We help you make that look and feel fluid.


Time on page, usability and conversions affect your website’s SEO. Optimizing for usability and conversions must be a focus while building your new e-commerce store. We prepare your e-commerce pages to generate consistent revenue.

Website Speed

Indeed, Site Visitors expect your website to load fast and seamless. They want answers fast, immediately and without delays. Therefore, we ensure your site loads lightning fast in order to satisfy your Customers appetite for prompt information.

Accelerated SEO through smart WordPress website designs.

Improve Results

Regardless, we work hard and smart to ensure that your website is fully prepared for Google Search. Firstly, you will receive a beautifully designed end to end WordPress website, which is both functional and fast. In summary, we instill confidence and trust in our services through our expertise, experience and delivery.

See how we can build new WordPress websites or redesign your existing site. We can include:

  • Speed Optimization

  • Content Creation

  • Sound Technical SEO

  • Holistic Search Engine Optimization

  • Mobile SEO

  • Content SEO

  • Google Analytics

To be honest, from start to finish, we work with the insights gained through understanding your brand goals and business vision. Then we make it outshine your competitors. Moreover, we assign a SEO Web Developer to your project for guaranteed results.

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Get a Better Website

We build WordPress websites that are geared for Google SERPS ranking. From helping you with keyword analysis to content creation, our WordPress web design Team will help you achieve success.
Themes | WordPress Plugins | Web Development

Web Design

Specialist WordPress website design services

Overall, Websitey provides a holistic WordPress web design service. Similarly, our web designers bring with them a wealth of experience in overall WordPress web development. In fact, from digital and logo design to web development, we help boost your brand. Indeed, a sleek website that does not generate leads and convert them into paying Customers is useless. Your site must be built on a solid industry related keyword analysis foundation. In so doing, you will be well positioned to generate qualified web traffic.

Web design and website development SEO process

From beginning to end, your new site or redesign is meticulously built to ensure maximum results. We seek to understand your industry. We conduct thorough competitor and keyword analysis. Furthermore, wire-frame and site architecture is formulated which informs your website design. You now have a firm foundation on which to launch your future digital marketing success. Moreover, we do thorough analysis and planning for your web design and development project, so that all the heavy lifting is done well. Thereafter, we role out the strategy and await the rewards for your project.

Built for speed and function

Affordable Themes for WordPress Websites

Smart and functional WordPress themes

Notably, since WordPress exploded on the scene in May 2003, it quick became the go to place for all to get a website designed. WordPress themes make the entire creation and design experience a pleasant one. Not forgetting, there is a vast array of choices available. To begin with, e-commerce themes to blogging themes you can choose an option that suits your taste and website objectives. Moreover, there is no one theme that is identical, and so your business will have that unique look and feel you desire. Our web design services includes a theme and installation.

Optimized Design

Wordpress Theme Setup and Installations

WordPress theme installation and customisation

In the first place, a theme out the box is oftentimes not really the end look and feel which you are looking for. You want your business wordpress website to have a unique look, with never before seen accents and finishes. You want to be different, because your brand is different as your product and service is different. If plugins and themes clash you need to know what to do, and how to reverse the effect. We handle the theme installation headaches, and do the heavy lifting so that you can do the bragging of your new site. Selling, posting or simply telling your story to your audience through your website requires a easy to use custom theme install.

Optimized Design

Wordpress Plugin Selections

Heavy-duty WordPress plugins for optimal functionality

In like manner, WordPress plugins goes hand in hand with themes. Sometimes, plugins can break a site or corrupt a themes functionality. Most importantly, we ensure that the plugins we use on customers’ sites are WCAG 2 AA compliant. We believe using plugins if responsible Authors and their use of clean code. Plugins are the various instrument players making beautiful, harmoniuos symphony in an orchestra. Plugins fuels your website. speeds it up, streamlines it and straightens things out in order to give your customers the best possible web browsing experience. Let us help you with your plugin selections and installations.

Rank your Website

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO right out of the box

The first thing to remember, is that WordPress is such an excellent catalyst for SEO success. As WordPress website designers, we love to sink out teeth into a new WordPress SEO project. Furthermore, we take a holistic SEO approach to your website. Worth mentioning, clean HTML code, speed optimization, on and off page SEO and plugins like Yoast helps to boost your website in the search engines. Additionally, Google and Bing Webmaster tools as well as Google Analytics provides us with all the insights for all your webpages. Consider this, you should be placing tremendous emphasis on your site’s SEO as you do on layout and design, if not more.

Search Engine Optimization | Speed Optimization

Wordpress Web Development

We use the best technology for web development

When your business digital goals and strategies meets our execution, an incredible result emerges. Our web development solutions includes custom web design, web server configuration, web engineering and content development. Our Team codes through CSS and PHP where required. Most importantly, WordPress web development supports your SEO Strategy. Considering, website speed, clean source code and plain old good site architecture all plays a vital role in your website performance. Therefore, we ensure the web development for your new website meets the highest standards and optimized for performance.

Content Creation | Digital Design | Website SEO

Content Creation

Content creation for your new WordPress site

Our content and web design process is not a quick flash in the pan exercise. Firstly, it entails us understanding your business and what your goals and vision is. Secondly, we ensure that our planning includes long term strategies. To clarify, we prepare your website for scalability and growth. Moreover, your brand must become an authority in your given industry. Lastly, a thorough keyword analysis informs the content creation process. Most importantly, all this aligns to your vision of driving traffic to your new WordPress website and getting new leads and Customers.

Our holistic content SEO approach and checklist

  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Implement cornerstone content
  • Has the content been built on solid keyword research?
  • Is the content refreshingly interesting?
  • Is the site structure support the content?
  • What content design is to be used?

We use the best methods to ensure your content remains evergreen and keeps bearing revenue fruit. Use this helpful content marketing guide to build authority for your brand.

RWD | Improve Screen Real Estate

Responsive WordPress Web Design

Mobile first requires responsive WordPress web design

All things considered, designing for desktop is hitting one sweet spot. However, designing for mobile is equally, actually, much more important. Indeed, we are living and operating in a mobile first world. To explain, we do transactions on mobile, find restaurants and book them on mobile, including every other thing on mobile. By and large, responsive WordPress web design (RWD) offers great advantages for site Visitors.

Benefits of RWD for WordPress sites:

  • Great for SEO
  • User experience is at its peak
  • Every screen can access your website
  • From a technical point of view its easy to redirect RWD to AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages)

Most importantly, the WordPress themes we use for your new website is fully responsive and great for mobile devices.

Maintain and Improve

Maintenance for WordPress Websites

The importance of WordPress website maintenance

All things considered, your WordPress website needs to be updated and secured. In the long run, if you give your WordPress site the attention it deserves, it will operate and serve its intended purpose. Essentially, upgrading to the latest WordPress core version secures your site. Moreover, your plugins need to be monitored and updated to avoid security breaching attacks. Having said that, as your website grows, frequent backups must be done in order to have an up to date version of your website.

Benefits of using our WordPress maintenance service:

  • Updated WordPress core system
  • Avoid your website breaking as a result of outdated plugins
  • Avoid malware attacks and loss of content and data
  • Ensure that your website is operating optimally and fulfilling its purpose

In summary, you cannot simply design a WordPress site and  then leave it to its own devices. It needs ongoing maintenance and support in order to reach its full potential.

WordPress Protection

WordPress Security

Secure your WordPress website against malware and malicious code

For the most part, annoying malicious attacks are directed towards WordPress website owners. To explain, these malicious code can enter your website through outdated (or vulnerable) plugins, outdated WordPress core software or simply through a web form. However, this can be stopped and prevented through implementing great security plugins and most importantly WordPress website hosting. As an example, WP Engine is a fantastic place to start as you can host your website on their server.

WordPress Protection

Optimized WordPress Hosting

Optimized WordPress hosting that boosts your website

It is a known fact, that your website hosting has an impact on performance, ranking and User experience. To elaborate, if you have a stellar website, yet host it in a “bad neighbourhood” among subpar designed and spammy websites, your website could be tarred with the same brush. Therefore, we assist you with top standard web hosting options like WP Engine ( Worldwide ), Xneelo ( South Africa and Germany ) and not forgetting Blue Host. Worth mentioning, is that should your website experience sudden growth, it is imperative that your hosting is able to handle the load and deliver the content without a hitch. In conclusion, in our budget and project presentation we suggest solid hosting options for you to consider.

Blogging to grow

WordPress blog setup

WordPress blog website design

Indeed, if you are seeking to grow your brand authority and online presence, a great deal of the strategy involves blogging. To elaborate, by blogging frequently, you will increase your visibility and improve your ranking. Essentially, we help you to establish a WordPress blog website that will make your brand shine through 10x content that is helpful, insightful and solves the problems of your site Visitors. Worth mentioning, is the fact that you can stay connected with your readers, and keep them coming back for more. In summary, your fast loading blog will also generate leads and interest in your product and service.

Built In Guarantees

Get an optimized WordPress website with Websitey. Reach out to info@websitey.co.za for a detailed website quotation.