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Website Design

Affordable website design

It is important to realize, that website design in years gone by was rather difficult. To put it another way, it was commonplace to know that only the highly educated web designers could design a website. Moreover, they were the ones who knew all the programming languages. Nowadays, here are more web designers around than there were in the 90’s. Having said that, a vast amount of helpful website designer tools, and WordPress web design companies are in great supply. However, depth and levels of experience and technical know-how makes all the difference. We provide WordPress web development services to fully compliment your web design project. We ensure your site is built to boost your brand and to generate leads.

Web design built for great User experience

By all means, we plan a web design project and ultimately build for Customers. To explain, site Visitors should have an effortless and smooth experience when clicking through our website. For instance, your website should have refreshing content that actually adds value and helps the site Visitor. Indeed, we design for your Users, and thereby making their experience a priority. Expressly, the end result is to convert your Visitors to Customers. Therefore, we plan thoroughly to make sure your new website is built for long term success. Having said that, we function as SEO consultants and web designers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. However, borders have never stopped us from building something great for Clients across South Africa and abroad.

Boost your business through smart website design

Affordable Web Design

Firstly, having a responsive website will boost your brand in different ways than that of word of mouth. However, a responsive website design on its own is only that. To explain, you will need consistent search engine optimization tactics implemented to get traffic to your new site. In summary, we set your business up to prepare for an increase in qualified web traffic.

As a web design company in all our website projects we can include:

  • Web Design Architecture

  • Keyword Research Analysis

  • Evergreen Content Creation

  • Holistic SEO

  • Content Marketing

  • Long Form Blog Post Creation

  • Link Building Campaigns

It’s important to realize, designing your new website requires, time and budget. To be clear, yes, there are low hanging fruits to pick for your SEO strategy. But, mostly you need patience, determination and perseverance to outsmart and outrank your competitors in Google.

Ready to boost your brand and generate web traffic?

Web Design Packages

We help to boost your brand through affordable website design that reaches new Customers and helps them with their query. Above all, we create an enjoyable experience for your site Visitors.
Practical Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Implementing a responsive website design project

Most importantly, a website must be responsive to serve up content to all screens. That means, your new website should be easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets. According to Google, responsive design is very important. Truly, we are now living in a mobile first environment, so how much more should your brand be available on mobile devices? Another key point, is that nowadays all WordPress websites can be designed for mobile and tablets. Having said that, it will not take much to make your site responsive. Therefore, our responsive web design services includes a range of helpful aspects.

Our responsive web page strategies checklist

  • Does the web design page satisfy your Customers needs?
  • Are web pages providing an enjoyable experience for your Customers using mobile devices?
  • How about speed and load time? Does your site speed frustrate Customers?
  • Do you have a mobile SEO strategy in place?
  • Does your new website design project comply with Googles mobile first index?

In summary, we design your web pages to give Users a great mobile experience. To confirm, Google introduced Page Experience as a ranking factor in 2020. Therefore, it is best that you follow all the requirements of this latest update concerning responsive website design.

Customer Centered Design

Beautiful Web Page Design Services

Get a trusted website and elevate your brand

Firstly,  site Visitors want to know that they’ve found the best company for what they’re searching for. Moreover, your website should provide the best information and answers to your potential Customers. Having said that, your expertise, knowledge and skills should be included in your web pages. This way, your content is authoritative, helpful and refreshing. With this in mind, we engage with you in a needs analysis, strategy development and thereby we formulate your new website mock up design for final sign off. To demonstrate, designing a WordPress website is both effective and a very fluid process. Finally, depending on the size of your website, the project lead time is an estimated 2 – 4 weeks.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly Web Design

SEO friendly web design

Quite honestly, web designers who ignore the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing will suffer traffic loss. To explain, when designing a new website, aspects like on page and off page optimization must be considered. For example, your images should have alt text descriptions and your page titles should describe what the web page is about. Essentially, we build and design websites for Users and search engines. Moreover, website architecture and linking structure play such a vital role in the success of your site. From the outset, we plan, build and execute your WordPress website with search engine optimization strategies as the backbone.

Optimized Content

Unique Content for your Website

Unique content creation for your website

Most importantly, duplicate content is both unhelpful and will be penalized by Google. Moreover, duplicate content on your website, might have your website removed entirely from the Google index. Your website will no longer be visible in the search results. Therefore, our content creation strategy for your website is unique, helpful and authoritative. Furthermore, we make your content optimized for search, and link Customers with search intent to your refreshing content. In summary, we plan and create your content in a way that will generate qualified leads, and thereby filling your sales funnel.

Take your Product and Service Online

eCommerce Website Design

Optimized WordPress ecommerce websites built to generate sales

In General, when we build a WordPress eCommerce website we ensure that it showcases your products in a professional and inviting way. Moreover, WooCommerce is such an amazing WordPress ecommerce web design tool, which helps to layout your products beautifully, secures checkout for your Customers and most importantly it is SEO friendly. Worth mentioning, WooCommerce has the ability to power your website design to handle any online retail service. By all means, your newly designed eCommerce site will host your product options, variable products, product reviews and not forgetting an authoritative blog to help you inform your site Visitors. In summary, we help you take your brand and products to start selling online and to generate untapped sales and revenue.

Mobile First

Mobile Optimized Web Design

Mobile optimized web design

Indeed, by now most business owners know that our Customers mostly transact on their mobile devices. Therefore, your business needs to have an optimized mobile website optimized for search engines. To clarify, your website should cater for mobile Users, and not neglect them. In actual fact, they are just as important as your Users who land on your website using their desktop. It is known fact that Users will not recommend a poorly designed mobile website. It is that critical. Quite honestly, you don’t want to fall behind and miss out, and should get your website designed for mobile as soon as possible. In summary, our mobile website design service provides speed optimization, link building and holistic mobile SEO strategies. By all means, we are ready to dive in and create a unique mobile website for your brand, optimized to rank in the search engines.

Customers and Site Visitors First

User Experience Design (UX)

Web Design for Customers and site Visitors first

It is a known fact, most site Visitors will click back if they don’t “like and enjoy” the landing web page they’ve landed on. To explain, you can have the best, most unique content and accurate information presented on your website. But, if the User Experience Design is counter-intuitive and lacks flow, your website will then be its own enemy. Firstly, as web designers we build and design for optimal User experience (UX). That means, design for Customers first. Moreover, if you improve your User experience you automatically improve organic reach. In summary, adding quality content, promoting your FAQ page and improving article structure are some of the factors that can set your website apart.

Popping Designs

Graphic Design

Graphic Design for your website

Quite honestly, site Visitors want to enjoy your website and all you are offering. However, the graphic designs you present on your website should be well thought through, of high quality and intentionally positioned. Moreover, it must have purpose, and not just haphazardly placed to cover an empty space. Having said that, the quality web designer tools we use to build websites, help to make your graphics unique and intentional. In essence, we take your brand and build your graphic designing elements around that core principle. We work smart to make your brand stand out amidst the crowd out there.

Websites that Rank

Website SEO

Website design and SEO

It is important to note that, how well your new website design ranks is dependent on many factors. Firstly, your website architecture, on page SEO and off page link building efforts as well as the quality of your website is vital to your ranking success. Not forgetting, the HTML code markup of the website has to be clean an unfettered by unnecessary and page speed sapping code. Essentially, you need a streamlined website that is lightning fast when Visitors clicks on any of your webpages. To explain, we don’t just slap bang design a website for you, we lay a solid SEO foundation to support your future growth and ranking capabilities in the search engines.

Your Web Presence

Brochure Websites

A cost-effective web design option

In summary, designing a website could be a costly affair. However, it does not have to be. Further to this, if you seek to “get your foot  in the door” for the first part, a brochure website is a great start. To clarify, it is affordable and effective in its purpose. Additionally, your new brochure website can be optimized for leads as well. Generally speaking, you can showcase your products and services in a new way, using content and crisp images. By doing so, you engage your site Visitors through your helpful content and well preapred brochure website.

Built In Guarantees

Talk to us. Do you need to get your brand positioned? Let us help you with your new website design project. Reach out to info@websitey.co.za to start discussions, or to receive detailed website quotation.