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November 19, 2021
November 19, 2021 Websitey Staff

Helpful Keyword Research Tools SEO Web Designers Should be Using

Keyword research is the foundation of every successful website design project. Firstly, as experienced WordPress web designers, we’ve come to learn that fact. Having said that, you cannot simply design a website slap-bang and hope to rank in Page of the search engines. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. It must be remembered, the depth of your keyword research analysis will determine the reach of your website in the search engines. As a matter of fact, you can unearth and mine tens of thousands of keywords surrounding your industry-related topics. So, let’s take a look at all the keyword research tools which you can use to get the magic working for your new website.

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Graphic Design Tools
Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools
Keyword Research Tools

1. Old Faithful Google Keyword Planner Tool: Nowadays, Web designers who build a new website should lay a rock solid keyword foundation for their Clients’ website. Furthermore, building on thorough keyword research, prepares the way for remarkable SEO results. If you’ve never used the Keyword Planner tool, you can literally spend hours digging trough piles of keywords.

2. Ubersuggest: Firstly, this tool has features that most keyword research tools don’t have. Most importantly, for the price you get a ton of SEO tools, which makes you look like a keyword research professional.

3. Google Search Console: Surprisingly, most Web Designers don’t know that they can access a treasure trove of Google suggested keywords. To clarify, this keyword research tool provides webpage specific keywords, which Users are searching for. Furthermore, access these rich keywords under the Performance tab, and then the Queries tab, and then fire away, and then knock your competition out of the way.

4. SEM Rush: In the event that you’ve run out of keyword wells, you can access keyword lists to fuel your SERPS dominance with SEM Rush. By the same token, your content creation team can generate new content ideas for your industry related webpages. Literally, you can get lost in the 20 billion keywords for your business, or for your Clients.

5. Moz Keyword Explorer: The popular Moz keyword explorer tool offers superior keyword insights. Essentially, you can expose and exploit your competitors keyword related traffic and build your own lists to fuel your SERPS growth.

6. Google Trends: In view of increasing your keyword depth, you should use the Google Trends tool. In essence, you can discover what the world is searching for. Moreover, for more localized insights you can select and access specific regions you’re targeting.

7. Bulk Keyword Generator: In general, most keyword tools generate sufficient tools. However, Higher Visibility’s bulk keyword generator tool provides a keyword rich list per City and per industry.

8. Data Driven Keyword Research: Firstly, data is invaluable. It can drive decisions and therefore success. Secondly, DataforSEO serves up Google Autocomplete rich results and historical data to inform you SEO website strategy. Lastly, it is affordably prices for SEO Web Designers looking do dig deep for keywords.

9. Long Tail Keywords: The first thing to remember, is that long tail keywords can lay great foundations for your SEO and Page 1 success. “Unlock LongTail keywords to rank your site higher in Page 1 of Google.” That is the tagline of LongTail Pro, which you can access at $25 per month.

10. Soovle: Put quite simply, this keyword tool provides autocompletes from a variety of sources, not only Google. To put it another way, you can use the Soovle tool to kick start your keyword research analysis.

11. Google Autocomplete: Truly, sometimes all you need is quick and easy. With attention to finding what Folks are searching for, you can get a few quick variations and keyword ideas from the autocomplete function in Google.

12. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer: To put it another way, if you simply relish the thought of mining new keywords “all day long,” then Ahrefs keyword tool is for you. Quite frankly, this tool will take you beyond Google, as you can access the other forgotten search engines as well.

13. Wordstream Keyword Tool: By all means, an SEO company is always in need of keyword lists and keyword phrases for their Clients. Having said that, web design teams and the SEO teams should work together to maximize the return on investment for their Clients. Wordstream is a Google Partner and as such will provide you with keywords to broaden your website’s reach.

14. Webpage Source Code: For on thing, WordPress Website Designers can expose the meta tags, H1, and H2 subheadings of their Client’s competitors. They can does this by accessing the Inspect or View Page Source on the webpage. Firstly, right-click anywhere on the webpage, then access the page source. Neil Patel provides a great how-to post about it here.

15. Google Ads Display Planner: If you think about it, all search engines runs on code and keywords. Through the display planner you can demographically pinpoint, exactly who you want to reach with your keyword list.

16. Wincher: With attention to keywords to rank your website, Wincher says that their tool is the one tool you cannot live without. Grow your organic traffic and discover new keywords to boost your Brand.

17. Instakeywords: All things considered, Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner are absolutely superb keyword tools. To add to that list, you can use Insta-keywords. Access keyword suggestions and long tail keywords instantly (without waiting for an email to click back).

18. Jaaxy: Need to expose and uncover niches? Now, you can access 500 million keywords to fuel your website SEO strategy. Essentially, Jaaxy helps you understand your competition (and expose their keywords), enabling you to beat them.

19. SECockpit: Firstly, anything Swiss is authentic and elaborate. For example, think Swiss Army Knife. Well, SECockpit is your niche keyword generator. Enter a seed keyword, and the system overwhelms you with phrases you can work with for days on end. In summary, for $25 per month for 800 search results per keyword search, it is worth it.

20. Keyword Tool: Essentially, we want to analyze our competitors, but also get keyword suggestions with keyword tools. To explain, you can fuel your keyword rich content pages through these keyword lists. Moreover, you can track and analyze search trends in Google, and thereby boost your website by implementing your discovery.

Keyword Research Tools
Keyword Research Tools


Use solid keyword research tools to build your website’s foundation

In summary, your website keywords is the bedrock of your future website success. Therefore, treat it as such, and don’t rush through it. Learn to love it, embrace it and make peace with the fact that you need to invest in solid keyword research tools.

Keyword Research Tools

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