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Notably, when you think “I need to find a Web Designer near me,” you would have many expectations in mind. With this in mind, when your business works with a WordPress designer, there are some checks and balances to follow. Firstly, what web design projects have they completed? Secondly, is their work of a professional standard, let alone their service and communications? Thirdly, does this web design company possess skills like SEO strategy formation, UX design and holistic SEO methods to name a few? Therefore, it is very important that a designer site has all the elements listed for your project and success.

It is important to realize, that Web Designers and Web Developers are highly skilled Individuals. To explain, they have years of experience and have done the hard yards in their trade. Moreover, skills like CSS code, PHP and technical SEO know-how, take some time to learn and be done successfully. Having said that, Customers want to know that they are working with a reputable WordPress web design company who will deliver on time and within budget. Since 2007, we’ve been building and adding to the web through smooth and functional websites to many businesses in varied industries.

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It must be remembered, that an experienced and professional Web Designer knows how to structure and build your new website for optimal leads and traction. Furthermore, an expert WordPress Web Designer knows what website design features will hurt your conversions. Having said that, a beautifully designed website is great, but its functionality and workings and User experience is far more important. In essence, design is how it works as Steve Jobs put it. As an illustration, a website Designer would know website speed over large videos and images is high priority. Essentially, these are just simple basic principles to keep in mind when trying to find a website designer.

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Web Developers without Borders

Although, we are experienced Web Designers in Cape Town, we have no borders. Moreover, our web design and SEO services is readily available for both local and international Clients. Furthermore, whether your business is located in New York, London or Christchurch, New Zealand, our web designing services is extended to you. To explain, we take the time understand your business and your brand. In actual fact, we align our design strategies with your business goals and vision.

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Indeed, when considering designing a website for your business, you would a want web designer with knowledge and expertise in the field. Most importantly, experience counts and it does matter. To explain, we’ve already learned the tough lessons, and as such your new website deserves the best attention. Worth mentioning, we’ve helped businesses in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg realize there website design strategies and SEO ranking goals. Furthermore, an integral part of our strategy is to help your brand rank and reach its full potential in search engines. In summary, we do this though smart design and adhering to all ranking factors.

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Website Redesign Services to Boost your Brand

In the first place, if your brand is well established in your industry and niche, your website should match that level as well. To explain, we assist you through the planning phase, content and design phase. Furthermore, as website designers the WordPress development we provide on your redesign project will allow for a custom design. Indeed, from homepage upgrades, crisp images and streamlined products and services pages, we work with you to unveil your new website. Essentially, old web structure and outdated process flow for your ecommerce website is updated and redesigned. Finally, hiring a professional website designer to rework your website is an investment, which will bring you new paying Customers. Not only do we have expertise in helpful WordPress web design tools, but you enjoy the benefit from our 20 years experience in website design.

Checking a Designer Site

In conclusion, the site Designer you may be considering giving your website design project to, should have their own website updated. For instance, the well-known phrase oftentimes rings true: “the shoemakers children go barefoot,” This means that, the web design company, should have their own website updated and ready to portray professional services. As a Customer, you should be asking questions like how experienced are these website developers, what website designer tools do they use, and have their previous Clients been happy with their work projects?

Is your company in need of web design services? We are a qualified Team of Web Designers offering affordable smart and functional design. Most certainly, we also offer redesigns and site analysis for remedial work.

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