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March 23, 2022 Websitey Staff

How to Increase Your Sales Through Local SEO Efforts

It must be known, that you can increase sales through local SEO efforts if done the right way. However, modern marketing says whoever shouts the loudest gets the most attention. To explain, most businesses out there are firing there marketing canon in every direction. In doing so they hope to hit something. Hopefully, a new Customer and therefore new sales. However, genuine holistic SEO if done right will return handsome rewards. Essentially, focusing your SEO efforts on specific outcomes will go a long way for your brand. Boosting your sales revenue through thorough search engine optimization, is definitely possible.

In general, if your business has hit the doldrums of minimal declining sales, it’s time to implement strategic SEO. Having said that, there is no quick fix. It must be remembered, that a SEO Specialist will prepare an audit report on your website. This report will pin point all the shortcomings, and actually check your website foundation. For example, on page and off page optimization, as well as your website content. Essentially, you need to consider: what type of Customer am I looking to attract? As such, your SEO strategy is crafted accordingly. Moreover, digital marketing and holistic search engine optimization services will set you on the right path. But, it must be done right.

In short, SEO and general marketing will help to increase your brand’s visibility in the search engines. However, the SEO Company you choose to work with will have to map out the route to achieving Page 1 visibility. Worth mentioning, always make sure that the SEO Specialist provides a detailed plan and budget. As such, you will know what you are investing and what returns you could more or less expect. Generally speaking, a web design agency can oftentimes assist with SEO. But, a SEO company focusing on local SEO and brand is better option to consider. For example, we work with Ranktaker SEO services to help boost the brands of our Clients.

Essentially, to increase sales through local SEO efforts would require your SEO Specialist to:

In addition, if your business website is not visible in the search engines, then you require SEO services. Compared to Pay Per Click Ads (PPC), in the long run optimization will bring better rewards. If you are needing your website to be visible in certain target locations, your SEO strategy should include this. In this instance, local SEO is a great place to start. As such, local Customers are constantly in search of better products and services. All things considered, local SEO is part of your website design strategies.

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Local SEO

1. Target the Right Customers through Effective Local SEO Services

Local SEO

For the most part, every business are looking for ways to increase their sales through SEO strategies. Effectively, local SEO strategies will not only increase visibility. But, it will actually bring the right Customers to your website. As such, pin pointing your location where you would like your website to rank, will streamline your efforts. For example, if you are looking to target Cape Town, then your local SEO strategy should cover that. As an illustration, Customers in certain areas in a location present a stronger demand for your product or service than others. Therefore, location targeting to increase your sales through SEO will cut much of the headaches away. In summary, you would then not need to waste money to market to everyone in every location. Instead, focus your SEO efforts on finding Customers who have a greater propensity to purchase your products and services.

Setup your Google My Business Page

First and foremost, having a Google My Business Page (GMB) will reward your brand with long lasting rewards. In essence, it is a fantastic tool to help your web designer manage how your brand appears in Google. For example, location, business name, hours and replying to reviews. All this, is so important in today’s digital age. However, here is the list of some of the benefits to enjoy after setting up your GMB Page.

  • Appear in Google maps and local listings
  • Allows Customers to leave reviews (you can reply to reviews)
  • Improve your Google rankings through insights received from GMB
  • Google search queries: Discover how Customers are finding you
  • It’s free and simple to setup
  • It improves your overall SEO score and visibility
Local First

2. Grow Your Brand Locally First

Local First

For the most part, optimizing your website for local SEO will help you expand your reach locally. As such, within a specific industry and withing a targeted location, you will gain visibility. Moreover, combining your social signals with local SEO will likely get you more leads from that region. To explain, targeting your social media posts for local reach, could lead Visitors to find your website. Thereby, they will submit an enquiry, which could convert into a sale. Having said that, most businesses focus all their financial resources and efforts in ranking internationally first. This is a huge loss of opportunity. Finding leads from qualified Customers is right in your backyard so to speak. Don’t neglect or turn a blind eye to this. Ultimately, it does not take much heavy lifting to improve or setup your local SEO and reach. Therefore, discuss local SEO when you hire a web designer. It is crucial.

Boost your competitive advantage through local SEO

It must be remembered, to increase your sales through SEO, you must boost your competitive advantage. On the one hand, to attract Customers your website presence must be strong in your industry. In fact, you must be the authority in your industry in order to have a strong competitive advantage over your competitors. Therefore, a reliable strategy is to focus your efforts on local SEO first, and then build out from there. On the other hand, your digital marketing campaign should be location target specific in order to beat your competitors. Not to mention, to increase sales through SEO using local SEO Strategies will boost your competitive advantage within your targeted geographical locations. As a result, Customers will find your website before finding your competitors.

Geo Target

3. Use Geographically Targeted Keywords

Geo Target

First and foremost, geographically targeted keywords are an absolute vital part of your local SEO strategy. Essentially, through these local keywords and long tail phrases will help your local audience find your website. Thereby, your SEO Specialist will help set things up to increase sales through local SEO strategies. Worth mentioning, most SEO Consultants usually go for highly competitive keywords. However, when seeking to increase your website visibility locally, choosing less competitive keywords is a better route to take. To explain, you don’t want to deal with too many competitors for that particular keyword. Therefore, placing the name of your target location in your keyword would go a long way to increase leads.

The power of geographically targeted long tail keywords

Indeed, long tail keywords are used just as much as root keywords by Searchers. Therefore, if you are in a highly saturated market, you should differentiate your ranking strategy. Ultimately, the SEO company you work with should advise you to choose long-tail keywords. So, you will increase your website conversion rates through this if you use this strategy. Moreover, your Customer base will increase as a result. Not forgetting, that there are helpful keyword research tools available to help web designers unearth loads of long tail keywords.

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Engaging Content

4. Create Engaging Content

Engaging Content

All things considered, your website content is an amazing tool to help convert leads into Customers. However, churning out content for the sake having content on your website is a misguided view. But, keyword rich content combined with purpose, is a powerful strategy. Moreover, your content is a resource which can be shared and sent across the internet. In general, anyone can slap together a few paragraphs and rattle off a few points about their industry. But, content that is authentic, refreshing and extremely helpful, will work hard for your website. Common decency and good practice says that you will not deceive your site Visitors. For example, don’t oversell a product or service through overstating it’s features. It must be remembered, most site Visitors trust quickly. Therefore, don’t squander their hard earned trust which your website gained. Don’t mislead your site Visitors.

Build trust through authoritative content

Indeed, Customers trust a website that has the most helpful, best and  most authoritative content. As such, your content foundation and architecture cannot be made up of fluff. Given these points, your web designers or content strategist should publish authoritative content consistently. As a result, your site Visitors will naturally move towards your business. In summary, put great effort and thought into your content. Stay consistent and reap the rewards. It must be remembered, that great content will help you to keep your website bounce rate low. Worth mentioning, there are helpful WordPress plugins and tools available to help your web designer create evergreen power web pages.

Social Signals

5. Improve Your Social Media Signals

Social Signals

As has been noted, your social media signals are a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Although, you must remember that social signals does not directly jack up your search engine rankings. But, it definitely contributes to your web traffic growth. On another note, Customers are also looking for social proof in addition to your website. Therefore, in combination of visiting your website, Customers also check out your social handles. Thereafter, they make a decision. For the most part, your social media channels helps your brand to connect with Customers. Answering tweets and comments on social media also increases positive feelings among Customers. As such, it is pivotal to include your social media strategy with your SEO efforts. Together with your website, it is a mean marketing machine.

Choose one social media channel as your champion handle

Worth mentioning, there are countless social media sites which you can choose. However, the popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Not forgetting, TikTok and Reddit. Most businesses scramble to get accounts setup no all of them. But, this is where the trouble begins. To explain, this route will end up in half completed profiles and inconsistent posts. You won’t make an impact that way. Therefore, choose your favouite handle and make it work. Do it well and get the rewards. Of course, you can add another 2 or 3 channels, but make sure one of the channels is shining for the world to see.


Benefits of Implementing a Local SEO Strategy


It increases your local website traffic

For the most part, a great benefit of local SEO is that you reach untapped audience. As a result your local website traffic will increase. To explain, Users search for specific products and services relevant to their area. For example, in our case we would generally target Cape Town website designers. This is a geographically targeted phrase. On the other hand, only targeting a keyword like website designers, is a highly competitive keyword. Therefore, your efforts should be geared to rank locally for a User’s area. As a result, they will click on your website and send an enquiry to you.

Local SEO efforts will foster long-term Customer relationships

On the whole, if you are seeking to increase sales through local SEO, your Customer base will grow. As such, your local SEO efforts will help to foster long term Customer relationships. It must be remembered, that your website speaks for you. You cannot be in the room with a Customer late at night to explain your product or service. Your website will do that. Surprisingly, Users will find what they’re looking for on your website. However, if you’re a mismatch for them, or worse have bad content, they give you a miss. The long term value of a Customer is determined by that first impression. And this is, through your website. Give your site Visitors a great first experience and thereby enforce positive emotions. They will appreciate your brand and return for more. As mentioned before, your website must become an authority in your industry. Additionally, you must do so within your targeted geographical areas. In closing, your web design and SEO Team must make it very difficult for your Visitors to leave your website.

In conclusion

Finally, the benefits of local SEO far outweigh the costs involved.  Moreover, your digital marketing strategy to increase local web traffic will help to increase your sales. However, your social media signals should support your local SEO efforts. As such, you will boost your sales conversions by targeting geographically specific regions. Your keywords, content and links should all line up with this strategy. Thereby, your website traffic will increase and finally your sales.


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