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December 28, 2021 Websitey Staff

How to Include your Website Pillar Pages in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Generally speaking, website pillar pages are not well implemented by website designers. Ordinarily, for small to medium businesses often fall into the rut of blogging for the sake of blogging. All in all, website pillar pages are not much of a priority to these businesses. However, to nurture the top of your sales funnel requires some well thought-through content strategies. For example, sales and marketing e-books and graph presentations is not enough. Sadly, for general site Visitors, their website has no top-level funnel content that is helpful and engaging. Most importantly, this kind of content is critically imperative to your website success. As a matter of fact, it allows your potential clients to understand more about your business and your brand offering.

Essentially, as part of an effective digital marketing strategy for small to medium businesses to bridge this divide, is to create helpful cornerstone website pillar pages. So, we want to help your business get out the starting blocks as fast as possible. Therefore, implement these strategies and see your website increase in SEO value and search engine visibility. More importantly, a professional website designer should make provision for pillar pages from the onset. It is an absolute vital part of your website growth strategy.

Increase your web traffic and site visibility through website pillar pages

All things considered, local small to medium companies battle to keep their content strategy i consistent. However, there are ways and means to keep new potential Customers and site Visitors coming to your site. Obviously, we want those Visitors to convert into sales and increase revenue. But, in order to do that, we need to create powerful content that sticks. We want to increase our visibility in response to search queries. Therefore, website pillar pages are a great way to nurture your potential Customer down your funnel.

Explaining website pillar pages

Firstly, website pillar pages are foundational content or cornerstone content. Additionally, it forms an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. However, it is known as many things but it’s importance is an integral part of your website. Quite frankly, when you begin building your new website, part of your foundational process should include pillar pages. For example, you have to ask the questions:

What topics are important to my business and industry?

• What keywords, phrases and buzzwords relate to my business industry?

• How many pillar pages will my new website have?

Essentially, website pillar power pages remains that one mammoth piece of helpful content. To explain, that important page is keyword rich and optimized. In summary, your cluster topic pages will surround and support your pillar page. Moreover, it must be relevant and helpful to your industry and business. On the one hand, as website designers in Cape Town we’ve built countless pillar pages for local Clients. On the other hand, we’ve seen pillar pages on our international clients websites surge in the search engines. Therefore, we know first hand how effective pillar pages are.

Explaining cluster topic webpages

Further to this, it is good SEO practice to link from your keyword rich pillar pages to your cluster pages. Additionally, you should have a broad variation of keywords in your pillar page content setup. In essence, you should use long tail keywords and second tier keywords. Not forgetting, this evergreen content piece should be well-optimized to answer the questions that your site Visitors have. Worth mentioning, is that customers search google with intent and looking for the best answers to their questions. So, when they ask the question in search your pillar page will be a strong contender to answer that query. On another note, is is extremely imperative to link back from the cluster pages to the pillar page. In the same vein, link from the pillar page out to the cluster topic pages. 

Benefits of cluster topic web pages

Firstly, the pillar webpage and cluster webpages has compounded benefits. Having said that, site Visitors will be delighted and satisfied. Thankfully, your helpful content will do this, and have their nagging questions answered. In addition, your website SEO value will increase tremendously. To explain, Google will know and understand what your pillage page content is about. As an illustration, your cluster pages are internally linked to your pillar pages and focused on one topic. As such, your SEO pillar content strategy is vitally important and should be part of your website design process from start. Let’s walk through the process together.

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"Pillar pages form the basis of any SEO strategy. Don’t neglect it."
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1. Choose a Keyword Rich Topic

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The value of keyword rich topics in your website pillar pages

Firstly, a keyword rich general topic should be selected. Essentially, you should use helpful keyword research tools to boost your pillar webpage planning. Secondly, you have to understand that your pillar webpage should be more of a high-level type page. The reason for this, is that you want to be able to include as much keyword phrases and long tail keywords as possible. By doing so, your website will increase its search volume capacity. So, make the time to do thorough keyword research. 

Grow your site Visitors through broad-based SEO in your website power pages

As an illustration, we’ve built a pillar page for a local Cape Town bus hire company. To confirm, the word count of that pillar page is approximately 14,000 words. In essence, it is broad and far reaching and touches on everything about Cape Town coach hire and things to do. Notably, we took a broad approach that would cover as much as possible about Cape Town tours. Needless to say, the increase in traffic to that page has brought consistent search engine growth as a whole. 

For example, a pillar page has to cover almost everything about that topic. In doing so, you lessen the odds and difficulty of ranking for keywords in the search engines. You will now be in the running to compete with your competitors in Google, Bing and other search engines. However, SEO content strategy, is more of a focused pin-point strategy. As such, the gains to be obtained through SEO content in addition to your pillar pages will compound your website web traffic growth.

Therefore your content creation strategies for your pillar pages should be vast to an extent. Moreover on-page SEO should be in the sweet spot. In essence, the more keywords and key phrases as well long tail keywords should be all over the page. But, one of caution is that your pillar page shouldn’t be to vast as you may not be able to provide cluster pages for all the topics.

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2. Effective Keyword Research

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The value of keyword rich topics in your website pillar pages

Generally speaking, in order to have selected keywords you must have done keyword research. By definition, this is basic SEO and digital growth. 

Most importantly, take your first topic, and then explode your list of keywords. Having said that, you want to unearth all of those additional keywords under your primary keywords and include those. Worth mentioning, our complete keyword tools list can help you generate endless related keywords for your new webpage. Additionally, you should pay attention to aspects like search volume, keyword difficulty and anchor texts. It must be remembered, that you want to ensure that you answer your site Visitors’ questions in your pillar webpage content. I’m so doing, you will also be setting up your website to be an authority in your industry in your local region as well as in the internet at large.

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3. Your Current Content can give you a great Head Start

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Boost your website pillar pages through existing content

Firstly, once you’ve mined all your industry-related keywords, you can start drafting your pillar page. But, you must remember that you existing content can give you a much needed boost. Essentially, you want to speed things up and get that page published and ranking in search. Therefore, there are always means to redeem your time. For example, old content or blog posts is a golden opportunity to repurpose into a pillar page. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to include this in your planning. So, don’t discard old content as that is half of the problem solved. Remember, old content is considered part of web design strategies and best practices.

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4. Implement excellent and Keyword Rich URL Structures

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Your web power page URL structure should be clear and concise

In essence, your website designer should plan your url structure and ensure it is optimized. Most importantly, Most importantly, your web builder will be launching a new content page with a new location on your website. Usually, your website developers would link it under your blog or in your footer. However, you want to make sure that your cluster topic webpages are setup as sub-pages of your pillar webpage. It must be remembered, that keyword rich optimized URL structure adds tremendous SEO value to your webpages. To explain, search engines (and potential Customers) can easily understand what your new page is about. There is one rule though, make your URL structure clear and concise.

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5. First Begin Drafting your Cluster Topic Pages

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Cluster topic pages support your website power pages

It is utterly important, your content writers should start writing the cluster topics first. Having said, give good thought as to what they should look like. However, your power page serves as a page with many high-level introductions. Ideally, from your power page it links out to your cluster topic secondary pages. But, your pillar power webpage serves as a distribution page to these cluster pages.

Quite frankly, easy navigation delights site Visitors. Don’t frustrate them. For example, make the links out to your secondary pages interesting. To elaborate, midway in the content add a CTA that is engaging, like an image or button or link. Essentially, your power page is your main content piece, as potential Customers will click through to your optimized cluster pages. To begin with, create your introduction, with a summary of your sub-headings. Thereafter, in the content of each sub-heading link out to your cluster pages. Finally, when they click through to that cluster page they will be able to access more detailed information on that topic. In summary, your cluster pages together with your power page with boost your overall website visibility in the search engines surround that keyword and supporting long tail keyword phrases.

Answer questions with your SEO power page content

Quite honestly, your potential Customers are searching for to the point answers to their search queries. Therefore, it is imperative that you cut out the fluff and waffling in your content writing. Ensure that your content cuts through the chase and gets to the point. Moreover, this answering type of content puts your new webpage in the running for a featured snippet. Ultimately, it is rank 0 in the search engines. Furthermore, click-through on rank zero is far more than rank 1, rank 2 and further down page 1. So, summarize your header well, and optimize the page for a featured snippet. 

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6. Digital Marketing and your Power Page

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Digital marketing is necessary for your new website pillar page

Quite frankly, great content without marketing does nothing for your website. So, once your SEO power pillar page content has been created, you’re to promote it. Having said that, you’ve published the content piece and you want your local and international market to get eyeballs on it. On top of that, you will increase your rankings for those keywords in the search engines.

Additionally, place those links in relevant places on your website to help site Visitors who may need that info. Not forgetting, your social media channels is a great way to launch the new content out. In so doing, you will leverage new traffic without much effort. Worth mentioning, boost this page further by reaching out to bloggers in order to obtain a guest post with an anchor text link to your new pillar page. It will be a bonus, if they share your new content as well. Therefore, work the digital marketing aspect hard and consistently and enjoy the results. 

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7. Inspecting the ROI is part of the SEO Process

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Measure results and enjoy the rewards

Generally speaking, as WordPress website designers we fall into the lazy trap of just creating content. To explain, we publish new content and move on and that’s that. But, what we don’t inspect and measure, we cannot build on. Subsequently, we need to know whether our effort was good enough, and did we add value to our or our Clients website.

The importance of keyword tracking

Of course, you’ve build up this entire power pillar page on the base of keyword research. Moreover, there are excellent keyword research tools that can help with tracking. Further to this, you could also do a keyword gap analysis to ascertain whether there are keywords you’ve missed. In addition, compare with your competitors keywords and see if you’ve missed any. If you did, add those keywords into your power page as well. To summarize, we want a two-fold return. One, we want our potential Customers to find the answers they’re searching for and converting them into paying Clients. Two, we want to have that power page ranking in the top 3 positions in the search engines like Google and Bing.

Furthermore, feel free to make changes and optimize to the best results. Having said that, make this new power pillar page content work for your website. New content should always bring in fresh new traffic and conversions. 

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8. Review and Implement New Power and Cluster Pages

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Review and repeat the success of all your website pillar pages

In brief, repeating successes we’ve enjoyed as web designers is a path we can take countless times. Ordinarily, once the path has been forged do it again to repeat the results for each keyword and topic. By and large, creating industry-related pillar power pages for all your keywords is a fool-proof process to implement.

If you are planning to boost your website in the search engines, then we can assist you. Furthermore, we have all the helpful website tools to design your website and rank your content in the search engines. Let’s help you lay a rock solid, unshakable content foundation and boost your brand in the search engines. 

Let us know how we can help you with your pillar pages.

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