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The Company

Bus Hire Cape Town was founded in November of 2010, closely after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Since then, Bus Hire Cape Town Team has been able to help thousands of Tour Groups and Passengers see Cape Town, the Garden Route on the Western Cape and greater South Africa.

“Firstly, we are sincerely grateful to all our Customers, both local and international, that have supported us over the years. Secondly, during the covid19 pandemic, no doubt we have been tested beyond measure. Yet we prevailed. Over the past year, we have grown our brand and as such we have prepared to reach new markets. Thank you Websitey!”

The Challenge

As a growing coach hire company in Cape Town, we needed our website to provide qualified leads and drive sales. Furthermore, we needed to build our brand both locally and abroad. We knew that a solid WordPress SEO Cape Town service would bring the traffic and qualified leads to boost our sales and revenue. We wanted to rank for more keywords, and more non-branded keywords as such. Essentially, we focused on SEO Cape Town strategies for the Bus Hire Cape Town brand to help them reach their brand potential.


The SEO Audit

Ultimately, one of the first things we do as part of SEO service is to do a thorough audit of the website. The reason is, if we don’t know where the site is lacking we won’t know where to start fixing. For example, current web traffic, backlink profile, keywords and not forgetting anchor texts. All these elements are thoroughly inspected and measured against industry standards. Thankfully, the domain was free of penalties and has been around for a good few years. There website content was fairly okay and not too thin. By the time this Bus Hire Company came to us, they were not visible in Pages 1-2 of the search engines. Having said that, we were ready to sink our teeth into this project. Since their domain is an EMD (Exact Match Domain), it is risky. This means that, diversity in their anchor texts is vitally important. Thereby, this domain will avoid penalties.

Our Keyword Research Process

In particular, we did checks on the keyword variations on the bus hire website. As such, there are always low hanging fruit ready for picking when implementing a long term SEO Campaign. In fact, we conducted deeper keyword analysis using our tools and discovered a few foundational keywords showing up in search between pages 2-5 in Google and Bing. Thankfully, we built on this and gained momentum quickly and maintained pace throughout the search engine ranking campaign. Effectively, the ranking potential of the site looked promising. Thereafter, we used LSI Keywords to inform large content pieces like pillar pages and blog posts. For example, we created a bus hire pillar page on which to start building a topic cluster. See that page here. The results were staggering.

``We now have better conversions, greater website visibility in Google and increased sales. We have also been educated on how to build on the improvements for further growth. Now we are truly competing in the bus tourism industry in South Africa.``


Website SEO

Chiefly, every business should future-proof their company through effective SEO strategies. Increase your brand visibility and expand your website lead pipeline. To clarify, our Web Developers in Cape Town, includes these services in your website package, giving you value for money:

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Competitor Analysis

For one thing, the coach charter industry in South Africa, let alone Cape Town is saturated. Further to this, competition on Page 1 seemed stiff and cemented. However, we conducted a competitor analysis. As such, we found thin content in the top 5 ranking positions except for one competitor. They had at least 3-5 long form content pieces. We were up against Goliath. As a result, we could also conduct a competitive gap analysis and find more keywords and phrases on which to build. There were a number of hidden keywords not yet tapped into. It was ours for the taking. Our content team together with their began the work. At the time of publishing this case study, ongoing content creation was in progress. Try out our content creation service if you need to boost your website in Cape Town.

What we did to achieve the Goals

Most importantly, we worked with the coach hire Cape Town Groups Division to audit their website content and quality. On the positive side, we discovered some form of search engine optimization. On the negative side, the depth of the optimization was insufficient. We assisted by replacing and rewriting old content with refreshing and helpful new content. This is an ongoing process. In order to connect with the desired audience, you need accurate content. Additionally, we partnered with Ranktaker SEO Cape Town, to assist with building back links.


The SEO Campaign

On the positive side, the Company had already done some in-house content building and some link building. However, we began rolling out more foundational evergreen pillar pages. This being to support all the off page links that would begin to hit their website. Worth mentioning, the surrounding cluster pages are currently still being rolled out. Worth mentioning, the main pillar page word count amounted to a staggering 14400 words.

Here are examples of the power pages we built for them:

All things considered, we opted to build a content surrounding all things tours and coach charters. This of course, focusing on services in Cape Town, the Western Cape and the Garden Route.

Example of the Main Pillar Page

The SEO Rewards

Thankfully, the results of this ongoing campaign has been incredible. Literally, not being visible in the search engines, to actually receiving leads. Moreover, actually generating conversions and sales from the site was cause for celebration. As a matter of fact, this site is now ranking number 3 in Google for their root term. Furthermore, for competitive keywords this site is ranking in the top 3, and in most cases number 1 spot. Their sales are steady and growing.

Key Takeaways

The first thing to remember is that, a highly saturated industry like travel and tourism, means stiff competition. Having said that, the luxury coach hire Cape Town market is quite saturated with many Tour Operators. However, our search engine optimisation Cape Town service proved fruitful. To explain, we focused our efforts to rank well for the right keywords to knock the competition.

In Conclusion

To sum up, Bus Hire Cape Town has expanded their plans for the future, and their sales and marketing team plan on accelerating their digital marketing strategies. In the long run, our WordPress website design team and our search engine marketing team will assist them to grow and scale their brand to reach new levels of success.

We deliver results for small and large businesses including yours through holistic SEO efforts.

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