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December 23, 2021
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December 23, 2021 Websitey Staff

Tips for Finding and Hiring the Right Website Designer in South Africa

Anyone can design a website. It doesn’t take a professional web designer to build a website. But hiring one makes things easier. Small to medium business owners who have taken the DIY approach may be ready for the next step. And this is, to onboard an professional website design company to get the job done. Essentially, to accelerate your visibility in the search engine, a web designer can help to boost your brand in the search engines. However, the main issue is: How do you locate and hire the right website design company that can create and generate lasting, solid leads for your business? Here are our best hand-picked tips for finding a smart website design agency and hiring them. Having said that, we help you weigh up the the positives and negatives of procuring design services to knowing what questions to ask during the hiring process.

Benefits of hiring a SEO website design company in South Africa

It must be remembered, while there are complete lists of SEO and web design tools online to help you build your website on your own, there are also many perks to either outsourcing your website build or hiring a web designer professional in-house. For example, a WordPress website design project for a small business owner, isn’t always the easiest to get off the ground. Therefore, working with a professional WordPress and SEO consultant may be the right answer to avoid frustrations, lost time, and wasted digital marketing budget.

If you’re asking yourself if it’s really worth the money spent to a hire a web design and SEO company, it’s definitely time to weigh up the tremendous benefits. Whether you wish to get your Cape Town website design off the ground, or improve your Johannesburg website build, there are important things to consider. Most importantly, if you consider these guideline tips when hiring a website designer, you will do well to get the best our of your service provider of choice.

Having said that, a website design and SEO Agency can help:

  • Take the frustration out of web designing and accelerate your digital marketing strategy from the get-go.

  • Save you money by implementing data-driven, keyword rich content that make the most of your content writing budget.

  • Broaden your brand’s reach by broadening your digital marketing to a variety of channels.

  • Prohibit costly web design errors and, potentially, Google and Bing search engine penalties.

  • Build a solid SEO foundation on which you can grow your new (or redesigned) website.

  • Map out your website architecture in a way that will fuel scalability and fantastic growth.

  • Implement helpful content and marketing in a way that will help to make your brand an authority in your industry.

  • Analyze and summarize your website Google analytics, what it means, and how to use it for your future digital growth.

Choosing a website design company or SEO consultant takes careful consideration. Most importantly, your primary goal is to find an experienced company that best fits the needs and vision of your brand. Having said that, we’ve provided some of the most important tips for effective web design hiring to help you consider your options and then to make the right choice for you. Let’s jump right in.

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Consider these important tips for finding and hiring a website designer agency

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1. Check with your Business Contacts about Web Design Company Recommendations

Firstly, referrals are one of the trusted ways of finding local website designers and SEO service provider recommendations, Moreover, checking with you your existing business network, mostly those who are in your niche is a great place to start. By reaching out to your contacts, you will find Folks who can strongly recommend the website builder’s services. Essentially, they will provide you with an honest recommendation, and point out any pitfalls you should be aware of.

2. Enquire about the Agency and their Process to Quote a Website Build

A point often overlooked, is that when you reach out to a local website design company, to enquire about a website quote, you oftentimes get a generic quotation. To explain, you would want to know the costs of their services for your new website and how long (more or less) they expect to complete your new website build. Moreover, a great start is to ascertain what is included and excluded in their web design quotes. As a matter of fact, sometimes WordPress website development can be more expensive than general design rates. Worth mentioning, is that any service provider that’s avoids what they offer or how much it costs is one you should be cautious of. The best agencies clarifies what their web design hourly rate is, what they include and any bonus additions that you could get.

An experienced SEO agency will know how much work is required to build a website for small business owners. Let alone, how long it will take to optimize or redesign your site. There may of course be optional additions to be discussed later, but an upfront clear website design quote should give you an idea of what to expect when working with them.

3. Know what’s included in the small business website design packages

It is a known fact, that many services providers push an “all-in-inclusive” website design package. However, your businesses’ needs are unique, which means your website development quote should also be unique. In essence, you want a provider that will take the time to understand your business and create a web strategy that matches your specific needs as well as your Customers.

Worth mentioning, is that its essential to enquire what’s included in their web design package. This will enable you to clearly understand what you’re paying for. Having said that, some of these services might include content creation, on-page SEO, off page SEO, local SEO, technical optimization, website content creation and content marketing or link building. 

4. Research the web design company you intend working with

Most importantly, well before you sign on with a new web development and SEO company, it’s best practice to investigate their business and brand. To explain, you should do some high-level research to learn more about their overall services. For example, what is their approach to new Clients, and what results have they generated for their clients? Moreover, check out their recent case studies. A point often overlooked, is that their social media profiles can also give you a good indication of how they manage Clients and what Clients think of them. As an illustration, client reviews and testimonials are great ways to get a feel a WordPress website design company.

5. Clearly communicate your brand’s website design goals

Firstly, “to have the best website than all my Competitors” may seem like a great goal. However, it may be that you have other, perhaps more tangible goals in mind. Moreover, be sure to discuss these goals with your potential WordPress website developers. Quite frankly, they need to know what you hope to achieve with your new website, and to ensure you are both understand each other. Therefore, when you choose the right web developer, they should help you clarify your goals. Additionally, they should provide you with a roadmap to reach your website and SEO goals. Moreover, they should help you to brainstorm new achievable goals as well. In essence, they should help you to be realistic and manage your expectations from the start of the process.

6. Compare your best options for maximum value

It is important to realize, that you don’t have to choose the first website designers that comes your way. However, you should do the due diligence effort and compare your options. Furthermore, most Customers procure multiple cost options in order to make an informed decision. Surprisingly, the cheapest web design quote is not oftentimes the best fit for your business. To illustrate, a web design and SEO company should fit your objectives and work with you to achieve your goals. Ultimately, service providers who take the time to understand you business and its vision, would be off to a great start. In summary, they should be enthusiastic to take on your business goals as their own to help bring results and rewards for your business.

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Hire the Right Website Designer for the Job

Keyword Research Process

A point often overlooked, is that finding the right web design agency for your business, requires patience and great research. Moreover, you can consider your options, and ask probing questions. Thankfully, there are some professional WordPress web design companies in South Africa, whom you can work with. Essentially, they will have proof of results or case studies for Clients in each city. Surely, any professional website design agency worth considering, will take the time to understand your business. For this reason, you would want to work with them as they present a workable strategy that serves to bring your business the best SEO results possible. Finally, these important tips would put you in a great position to make a decision. In conclusion, you should identify website design and SEO agency in South Africa, and choose the perfect fit for your needs.


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