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November 15, 2021
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November 15, 2021 Websitey Staff

Hire a Web Designer: Little Things that make a Big Difference

When you hire a web designer you give them your trust and your approval. Most importantly, you entrust your business and brand future to said web designer. Indeed, in real terms that is huge, and the impact of that can be be tremendously positive. On the other hand, it could have a negative effect especially if the website designer is not experienced and professional, and works haphazardly. Further to this, you can add tons of digital value to your brand and business by procuring professional and affordable web designing services. However, there are little things that make a big difference to your website growth, development and SEO success. In this post, we list some small things, that will help to boost your new or redesigned website to increased visibility.

Make a big difference to your website

Essentially, there is a harmonious list of factors that work together that mathematically multiplies the chances of success of your website. Worth mentioning, are aspects like content writing, page speed, on page SEO, off page SEO, site architecture and relevance. These are but a few of the little elements that will make a big difference to your website design project. Quite honestly, if your website designer does not place great value on these elements, they will be hurting your website and moreover your brand. Having said that, lets consider and the small things that you must emphasize together with your web designer.

  • Write Original Content
  • Always be part of the Keyword Research Process
  • Use a Well Versed SEO Strategist
  • Analyze your Competition to Refine your SEO Strategy
  • Place a High Premium on Optimizing your Landing Pages for Conversions
  • Design Content Creatively and Present it in a Refreshing Way
  • Build an Exceptional On Page Linking Strategy through Topic Clusters
  • Website Speed is a Thing. Ensure you that your Website is Lightning Fast
  • Avoid Cold and Emotionless Design. Invoke Emotion and Action through your Webpages
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"It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important."
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Author of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
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Content Writing

When you hire a web designer insist on content writing that is original

Content Writing

1. Website Content Writing: Firstly, if you don’t know by now, your website content must be relevant, helpful and refreshing. Secondly, it should be a search engine’s delight to crawl your website, and in return rank position will be granted to some extent. Not forgetting, that link building (off page SEO) fuels that process as well. If you don’t know by now, refreshing content is a cornerstone of your SEO website design strategy.

2. Content Design: When you hire a web designer, you need to make sure that they are also skilled in content design. Moreover, your site Visitors and Users over recent years, has increased their expectation. Although, your site Visitors don’t know what content design is, they will judge your website and content accordingly. A User wants their problem solved efficiently and effectively, so is your content design doing that? In summary, your website design must meet a User’s need for answers in an easy. Have your website designer put n the effort to optimize your content design, in order to make a big difference to your conversions.

3. Content Architecture: It must be remembered, great content and webpage architecture is like having strong healthy bones. To explain, it keeps your website functioning like a well oiled machine. Moreover, link structure and organizing your various content in a layout that is easy to follow helps your SEO strategy. Therefore, during early discussions and before you hire a web designer, ensure that they will map out your content architecture effectively.

4. Content Marketing: Essentially, mediocre content which is included in a content marketing campaign, is a good start. Sadly, mediocre content does not get noticed, OR let alone clicked on. It will merely be a blaring radio signal annoying everyone. Therefore, your when you hire a website designer to build your platform, ensure that the content is more than just fluff and waffling. To confirm, refreshingly relevant and helpful copy is the rocket fuel beneath your content marketing campaign, not social media budget.

5. Content Quality: In reality, is it ideal to write long form content, or short content? Moreover, what about quality and quantity? A point often overlooked, is that quality over quantity is more credible option to go with. Although, both are important, churning out content for the sake of getting your blog posts number up is no good. It must be remembered, if your content does not help your User it is no good. As an illustration, eating a thin one slice cheese toasty, does not come near to eating a three cheese toasty with homemade butter. What will you choose? The same goes for your site Visitors. In summary, bless them with all the information that you can and that will actually solve their problem.

6. Original Content: Frequently, in our industry we see rehashed and flat content that has been copied and pasted on websites. For example, location based pages that have the exact same content, only the city name is changed. Surprisingly, those pages show up on page 1 in Google. However, their days are numbered as the algorithms will find them out and penalize them. Indeed, you should place a high premium to publish refreshingly original content for your website. In so doing, you will be making a big difference both for your website ranking and your brand. As a WordPress design company who has done considerable web design services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban we have a no negotiation policy on thin and useless content for our Clients. In summary, don’t adopt a “me too” stance with your content. Be original.

7. Link Related Content: In the long run, if you stick to your content strategy, you will outrank your competition. However, building topic clusters and linking all related content on your website, makes for great content and webpage architecture. Essentially, linked content helps search engines and site Visitors find your content in such a convenient way. So, do the extra legwork with your website designer, and lay breadcrumbs to all your content.

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Keyword Research Process

Always be part of the keyword research process

Keyword Research Process

7. Keyword Research Priority: Firstly, A web designer will do more damage by not regarding keyword research as an essential early step of website design. Consider this, if you website or business is about travel, you would want all travel related keywords and phrases poured into the foundation of your website build. Essentially, as web builders we get foundational keyword research done as a priority. Moreover, you as a Client should be presented with such a list for sign off and approval.

8. Foundational Keyword Research: Another point often overlooked, is that foundational keywords are not necessary. However, a house or building is only as strong as its foundation. Therefore, how about your website? Worth mentioning, is that when you hire a website designer they should clearly point out what is your foundational keywords. Indeed, this small thing will make a huge difference in securing your website success.

9. Maximize Niche Keywords: Another key point, is that you can tell your story differently. To clarify, if your business operates in a unique niche market, you have the opportunity to maximize your keywords implementation. This is to say, you can dominate your niche with your products and services by optimizing your foundational keywords and website phrases.

10. Competitor Keyword Analysis: All things considered, having competition is good since it keeps you motivated to do better. Having said that, you should work with your web designer to frustrate your competition in the search rankings. To explain, the website designers you hire together with the search engine optimization team should analyze all your competition on Page 1. Thereafter, they should develop a strategy, stick to it and in so doing to “steal” those keywords and ranking positions from the competition. Therefore, analyze your competition’s keywords, and work the plan.

11. Form your Keyword Strategy: To put it briefly, unearthing and listing keywords on its own means nothing. But, feeding it into your competitor crushing content strategy, will unlock SEO growth you deserve to get. Moreover, you keyword strategy should take into account your products, services and your competitors. Thereby, your new website or redesigned site will will be poised for a boost in the search engines.

12. Search Engine Keywords: Generally speaking, search engines also provides keywords and industry-related key phrases, which a website designer may use. For example, Google provides a section in the SERPS called “related searches.” An experienced SEO website designer would know how to utilize those key phrases that can add further width and depth to your website’s keyword strategy.

13. Google Search Console: By and large, as SEO website builders and developers we rely heavily on the Google Search Console to maximize keyword opportunities for our Clients. Furthermore, the search console is such a rich treasure trove of keyword data, which fuels keyword strategies. Therefore, we siphon every last ounce of data to make a tremendous difference for your new website build.

14. Keywords for Snippets: For the most part, a keyword snippet can do wonders for your SEO and keyword strategy.On the positive side, your website can rank for a specific keyword phrase in your industry and dominate hopefully rank number 0 and rank 1 for that keyword. On the negative side, oftentimes your competitors have already optimized for the “money keyword,” and have a snippet working for them. However, that should not deter you as you can breathe down your competitors neck with new and untapped snippets. Read more on keyword snippets here.

15. Link Keywords to Search Intent: Truly, all roads for Customers in your industry should lead to your website. Having said that, your keyword strategy and keyword selections should answer the why of the Searcher. To explain, as part of our process we work very meticulously with your industry-related keyword list. Moreover, tracking back from search intent and linking to your keywords makes a big difference to your SEO performance.

16. Maximize Keyword Discovery Tools Utilization: For the most part, our website designer tools include a variety of keyword discovery tools. Most importantly, these keyword tools help us to establish foundational SEO strategies for your website. Essentially, tools like Ubersuggest, MozPro, Google Keyword Planner and there are so much more. In summary, these excellent tools helps us unearth rich keywords makes your website rank in the search engines.

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Work with a well versed SEO Strategist

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17. Link Profile Building: Quite frankly, a new website cannot rank in the search engines without links (sorry). Moreover, there is no quick fix, or a free run up the side while everyone else slogs it out to get the website ranked. Indeed, when you hire a web designer to redesign your site, they must know the ins and outs of search engine optimization. Period!

18. Enforce SEO Friendly URLS: To explain, a website designer usually does only that, design your site. However, we have a no-compromise search engine optimization focused URL process. Moreover, your keyword must be included in the url. Furthermore, it makes your url richer both Users and the search engine bots. Honestly, a keyword rich url boosting your content is half the problem solved.

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In Conclusion, think Smart when you Hire a Website Designer

Keyword Research Tools

Ultimately, we hope you can get started with this list of web and plugin tools.

In summary, the basic WordPress Web Designer tools includes the following:

  • Write Original and Relevant Content
  • Always be Part of Keyword Research Process
  • Use a well-versed SEO Strategist
  • Analyze your Competition in order to Refine your SEO Strategy
  • Design your Content Creatively and Present it in a Refreshing Way
  • Build an Exceptional On Page Linking Strategy through Topic Clusters
  • Website Speed is Vitally Important, so Ensure that your Website is Lightning Fast
  • Avoid Cold and Emotionless Design. Invoke Emotion and Action through your Webpages

Can you add to this list?

Keyword Research Tools

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