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January 7, 2022
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January 7, 2022 Websitey Staff

SEO and Web Design Essentials. Get the Basics Right for Best Results

Local professional web design companies are skilled and experienced at designing websites. But, how about SEO? Firstly, after sampling websites across the internet, we see varied results. Having said that, SEO Agencies focus only on search engine optimization services. Secondly, we know that most website design companies only have beautiful websites, lacking any form of SEO. For example, we visited Cape Town website design companies. Not forgetting, we viewed Johannesburg based web design agencies as well. Moreover, we saw that international SEO and web designer’s sites offered the same findings. In brief, we discovered that each facet (SEO and web design) only focused on that aspect, making their outcome very one-sided.

As such, we always have a talk with Clients regarding their new website design project. Moreover, when redesigning a website, SEO and website design should go hand in hand. Here, we discuss SEO and web design and how they should compliment each other in order to achieve a common goal. In essence, this is to get more Customers and sales. Let’s dive in.

Rank locally first. Then internationally

Foremost, you must establish your SEO locally. For example, we always want to rank for the term website design company in Cape Town. Therefore, we designed around that topic and built powerful content focused on that topic. Essentially, it is a combination of great SEO and web designing principles. Having said that, for your company you want to rank for a keyword relating to your local city as well. Likewise, you want to be on top of Page 1 in your industry. Ultimately, there are free (and affordable) helpful web designer and SEO tools you can use to boost your website. Indeed, amazing website design on its own, will not get you ranking in the search engines. Let’s take a quick look at all the elements to keep in mind.

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"Combining SEO and Web Design gives your website a solid foundation on which to grow your traffic."
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1. Everyday basic SEO Errors which Web Designers Make

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SEO and web design essentials requires us to know what to avoid

Firstly, before you know what the right path is, you have to know what path to avoid. As such, here is a short list of design and negative SEO elements to avoid. All things considered, it is these little things that make a big difference when you hire a website designer.

  • Undesirable SEO website architecture
  • Substandard or no on-page optimization
  • Lacking good though-through keywords
  • Without keyword research (easily noticed)
  • Does not rank for industry-related keywords
  • Lousy site loading speed
  • Insufficient content depth and breadth
  • Weak or no Backlink profile
  • Inadequate social signals
  • Inferior or no pillar page and supporting clusters

To summarize, these are but a few of the aspects neglected by designers. In conclusion, web design companies focus on design only. For example, colour schemes, fonts, layout and design is of utmost importance for them. However, I’m so doing, SEO suffers tremendously. Therefore, website SEO combined with amazing web design is a force to be reckoned with. On the whole, you can use this checklist when you are trying to find and hire a website designer.

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2. Elements of Top Ranking SEO Companies

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Focus on solid SEO Architecture

It must be stated, that top ranking SEO companies rank both locally and internationally. However, they do focus on great design and web development. But, their SEO architecture is both sound and extremely effective. Subsequently, when your website developer builds your website, SEO architecture is the bedrock on which you build. Having said that, you will not rank on page 1, if you have not fulfilled all Googles ranking factors. But, it must be stated you should avoid these bad practices as listed by Google. Top ranking SEO Companies strictly adhere to Google’s guidelines. As such, they are squeaky clean when it comes to these factors.

For example, ranking factors includes tens of hundreds of principles which must be adhered to. But, it is good for you to start working towards meeting those guidelines. As a matter of fact, you should ensure that your web designer meets at least some if not all of Google’s ranking factors. It must be remembered that search works according to ranking factors. Read more about how search works here.

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3. Everyday Elements which an SEO Company Should Focus On

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Implement these basic SEO and website design elements for best results

Firstly, after many years of SEO services rendered to Clients, we’ve learned and embraced web design and SEO trends. It is a known fact, that SEO companies focus more on ranking than design elements while web development companies focus on design. Having said that, SEO consultant focus on the following:

  • Loads of helpful and relevant content

  • Pillar pages and cluster topic pages

  • Well thought out website architecture

  • Striking page layouts welcoming scrolling

  • Unique and straight to the point content

  • Detailed explanations on process

  • Limited design elements to help with speed

  • Limiting style and focusing on information

  • Basic design

  • Mobile ready and responsive web design

  • Limited coding on site to aid site speed

  • Original images

  • Avoiding stock images

  • Be different to other SEO websites

  • Utilize up to date software and plugins

Essentially, a search engine optimization company keeps their web design lean. Altogether, an SEO company can be limited from a design point of view. For example, to help you rank they are top notch. They have the best keyword research tools to help you content rank in the search engines. However, it would count for nothing if you get web traffic, but lack conversions. In that instance, SEO will mean nothing. Therefore, combine amazing web designs and SEO elements and thereby get a powerhouse of a website. These elements are vital for your website design marketing strategies.

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4. A Roadmap to Achieve Success for great Website Design and SEO

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Boost your website pillar pages through existing content

Indeed, there ways to walk your way though to success. To illustrate, your success is certain when you combine SEO strategies and amazing website designs. For example, utilizing great WordPress methodologies you can grow your website and help your rankings in the search engines. Subsequently, we’ve compiled a brief roadmap or list to help keep you on track:

  1. SEO Website Architecture: First, build out your SEO architecture. Take the time to plan to your layout.

  2. Keyword Research: Secondly, utilize great keyword research tools to unpack your industry-related keywords. Thereby, providing your concern with width and depth.

  3. Website Design Creativity: It must be remembered, that you must combine your SEO with creativity when comes to designing a website. By doing that, your website will be relevant and welcoming to potential Customers.

  4. Responsive Web Design: Quite frankly, search engines have no time for websites that are not mobile-friendly. In fact, your website will be moved to the bottom of the pile if you neglect this. Therefore, put in the effort. Essentially, cater for tablets, smartphones and full screen or desktop view.

  5. Keyword Rich URL: Honestly, you don’t want your URL to have more than 5 words in length. Therefore, keeping the URL lean yet including keyword in it would be first prize.

  6. Search Engine Friendly: Most importantly, ensure that your website generates a XML site map which you can submit to Google and Bing Search Consoles. In essence, you want your website to roll or the red carpet for the search engine bots. Show them live and in turn they will live your website.

  7. WordPress Blog Setup: Generally speaking, having a blog and/or newsroom on your site is a huge step toward success. Notwithstanding, not only would you boost your website but you will be on your way to becoming an authority in your industry.

  8. Contact Page: Chiefly, your contact page should function in tablet, smartphone and desktop views. Therefore, make sure your potential Customers can reach you easily.

  9. Website Speed Optimization: Essentially, there are great WordPress website speed optimization techniques that can be employed. Most importantly, you want to keep your website lean and loading lightning fast. Eliminate page speed sapping animations that drag your website down.

  10. Local SEO: To begin with, you want to reach your local Customers first. Thereafter, you reach for global Customers. As stated before, building a website to rank locally first should be your focus. 

  11. Power Pillar Pages: Ultimately, a digital marketing strategy requires pillar page content planning. All in all, this will boost the website as a whole in the search engine rankings.

Firstly, once you’ve mined all your industry-related keywords, you can start drafting your pillar page. But, you must remember that you existing content can give you a much needed boost. Essentially, you want to speed things up and get that page published and ranking in search. Therefore, there are always means to redeem your time. For example, old content or blog posts is a golden opportunity to repurpose into a pillar page. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to include this in your planning. So, don’t discard old content as that is half of the problem solved.

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5. Combining SEO and Website Design Methodologies

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Work towards becoming an authority in your industry

Most importantly, SEO and web design should not exist without the other. Nowadays, beautifully designed websites alone won’t get you web traffic. But, search engine optimization combined with amazing web designs will make your brand an authority in your industry. Moreover, on-page optimization is a critical element in SEO. Not forgetting, off-page optimization and back links fuel your ranking in the search engines. 

Chiefly, our Customers want their websites built and ranking for all their industry-related keywords. In essence, we accomplish this through making their website strikingly beautiful combined with fruit-bearing SEO strategies.

In conclusion, a successful website requires beautiful design and continual professional technical SEO interventions. Chiefly, beautiful design welcomes site Visitors and SEO brings your website traffic and potentially new Customers.

Learn what you can about SEO and web design.

To begin with, if you are planning to work with an SEO Consultancy or a Web Design Company, you should keep all these factors in mind. Moreover, having the web design company only focus on design is not good enough. Additionally, on and off-page optimization is a resounding necessity. Worth mentioning, content promotion via your social channels is an absolute must. In conclusion, combining your creativity and smart SEO strategies will see your website found by more potential Customers.


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